• Dried Red Chiles

    Using Dried Peppers

    When we first started creating the label list for the AllSpice Spice Rack two things struck me. First, how many spices start with the letter C (seriously, 1/3 of my spice rack is spices that start with the letter C-- still haven't figured that one out) and how many dried peppers were in my spice rack. Maybe it is my midwestern pallet, but I rarely thought about using peppers in anything other than chili until I saw the array of options. Peppers can add more than heat to your dishes. They can add color, smokiness, tartness and more. Peppers are...

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  • Fresh Dill

    Spice Profile: Dill

    Scientific Name Anethum Graveolens What is Dill? Grown for its feathery fronds and pungent seeds, dill has a bright but warm flavor and aroma that is unmistakable. Dill is used in a wide variety of cuisines as diverse as Scandinavian and Middle Eastern. It is essential to the classic dill pickle and Russian borscht. What is the History of Dill? Dill is native to southern Russia, western Asia and the eastern Mediterranean. It has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes as well as culinary purposes. The first recorded use of dill was in Egypt 5,000 years ago. It was...

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  • Best Overall Spice Rack

    Thanks WikiEZVid for naming us the best overall spice rack and spice jars!  Thanks Daily Deals Coupon for featuring the 30 Jar Spice Rack!

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  • Toasting Spices

    Preparing Spices

    Most of the time when I use spices, I simply shake or spoon a bit out of my AllSpice jar and am on my way. However, some dishes (especially those from India) call for a bit more special preparation of the spices you are using. Preparing spices is usually not hard and can add additional layers of flavor to your dish. Below are several ways spices can be prepared: Roasting Indian recipes often call for whole spices, such as cumin and cardamom, to be roasted before using. Roasting spices is quite simple. The most common method is to put them...

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  • Spiced Popcorn

    Poppin' Toppin'

    Okay, I admit it, the title of this post is ridiculous, but I just couldn't resist! I love popcorn. It is definitely in my top 10 desert island foods and until I had kids it was on my regular dinner rotation. Now, it is usually an after-the-kids-go-to-bed snack. I've always been a popcorn purist. I make it in a saucepan with vegetable oil, lots of butter and a little salt. My husband on the other hand, he makes full use of our AllSpice Rack. Nothing makes my night like a surprise bowl of popcorn sprinkled with paprika or turmeric. So,...

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  • Curry Powder

    What is Curry?

    Many Americans are surprised to find out that curry isn't a spice, but rather a blend of spices, chilies and other aromatics. And, the specific blend of spices can vary widely from culture to culture and cook to cook. The word curry dates from the 18th century and probably comes from the Indian word 'kari' meaning sauce. The sauces we now classify as curries, come from all over South Asia and vary widely in their composition. In 1889, at the Universal Paris Exposition, a 'Curry Decree' set the composition of curry as having specific amounts of tamarind, onion, coriander, chilli pepper,...

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