• Mulled Apple Cider with Oranges

    Osterhaus Family Mulled Cider Recipe

    Kids starting school, cool evenings, outdoor pools closing, and apples falling to the ground-- its starting to feel like fall! In honor of the cool fall weather, brew up a nice warm cup of mulled apple cider tuck into your favorite chair and wish summer a fond farewell. Osterhaus Family Mulled Apple Cider 1 gallon of Apple Cider 1 cup of orange juice 1t whole allspice  1t whole cloves 1t cinnamon 1 orange thinly sliced Cinnamon Sticks for Garnish Pour the Apple Cider into a crockpot or large sauce pan. Add the orange juice and the spices. Add the orange...

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  • Dried Herb Bundle Bouquet Garni

    Preserving Herbs

    Harvest season is upon us! In most parts of the US, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash are abundant and gardeners are enjoying the (literal) fruits of their labors. If your garden is like mine, you have had to prune your herbs more than once already this season. Our penchant for fresh mojitos and mint tea just does not keep up with the mint plant's growth rate. The good news is that there are several ways to preserve those fresh summer herbs for the fall and winter ahead. Drying Herbs The most obvious choice is to dry the herbs and store them...

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  • Cardamom Pods

    Spice Profile: Cardamom

    Scientific Name Elettaria Cardamomum What is Cardamom? Cardamom is a warm earthy spice commonly used in Indian cooking. It is available in pods, seeds or ground.  There are two types of cardamom- Malabar and Mysore. Mysore is warmer and spicier, while Malabar has a eucalyptus flavor. What is the History of Cardamom? Cardamom is native to Southern India. It has been used there for over 2,000 years. It was brought to Europe along the caravan routs and the Vikings took it from Constantinople to Scandinavia. How is Cardamom Grown? Cardamom grows well in warm equatorial regions around the world. Cardamom is cultivated in India, Sri...

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  • Caraway Seed

    Spice Profile: Caraway

    Scientific Name Carum Carvi What is Caraway? Caraway is the seed of a plant in the carrot, parsley and celery family. The fruit of the plant splits into two curved seeds. Caraway has a warm and spicy fragrance and flavor. What is the History of Caraway? Caraway has been used since the Roman times to flavor vegetable and fish dishes. In the middle ages, it was popular as a flavoring for soups and bean and cabbage dishes. Later, English bakers began using it in confections, breads and cakes. How is Caraway Grown? Holland and Germany are the major producers of Caraway....

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  • Cardamom Plant

    UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

    There simply aren't many places in the world where you will find more interesting or beautiful flora than the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. We took a visit recently and were delighted by the number of spices they had growing there. Unfortunately, most were not fruiting at the time, but the foliage was so beautiful we had to share it. We look forward to visiting again when the plants are fruiting to get more stunning photos.

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  • Baking Cookies

    The Spice House's Gingersnaps

    We have to thank our friends at The Spice House for this amazing gingersnap recipe. I think we all agreed that these were the best gingersnaps we had ever had! What makes these gingersnaps so wonderful? The secret ingredient has to be the crystalized ginger nibs. If you are lucky enough to live in Milwaukee, you can buy a special kit from The Spice House, located in the historic Third Ward District, which contains all the spices and the ginger nibs you need to make these. If not, you can order anything you need from their website or visit one of the...

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