• So Many Spices So Little Time!

    When we first started AllSpice, one of the biggest challenges and biggest joys was creating the list of spice labels. We gathered spice lists from all the best specialty spice shops, websites and books about spices herbs and blends. From there we culled and curated to create a list meant to be comprehensive, but also inspiring. We knew we couldn't cover everything that would be in everyone's rack (which is why we offer custom labels for those who have truly unique spices), but we wanted to cover most of the common spices, allow for variations and include some fun and...

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  • Buying Spices in Bulk

    Buying Spices in Bulk

    The single most important thing to remember when thinking about your spices is to buy fresh, high quality spices. I have written, on this blog, before about finding a quality spice purveyor to frequent for the very best spices. The secret about quality spice purveyors is that there are other added benefits! One of our favorite benefits is the opportunity to buy various quantities in bulk rather than having to buy a set quantity in a jar that you will end up throwing away anyway. Buying only the amount of spice you want or need will help eliminate waste and...

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  • Witch Names for Herbs and Spices

    Witch Names for Herbs and Spices

    Spices and herbs have long been used for medicinal and magical purposes. Many were used this way long before they were used for culinary purposes. Looking back at the history of spices and herbs, some uses seem absurd, while others are now being scientifically proven to be legitimate therapies and cures. One of our favorite parts of the storied history of herbs and spices is the naming that has occurred through the years. Below are some of our favorite 'witch' names for herbs and spices. To see more names click here Fenugreek- Birds Foot or Cows Horn Chamomile- Blood of Hestia ...

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  • Spice Profile: Garlic

    Spice Profile: Garlic

    Spice Profile: Garlic Allium Sativum Types of Garlic Although most grocery stores only carry one type of garlic, there are many types being cultivated throughout the world. Garlic varieties are divided into two categories, hardneck and softneck. The variety you see in most grocery stores is softneck. It produces more cloves and has a lighter flavor than the strong bite of hardneck. Hardneck can be found at farmers markets and has lovely pinkish hue to the skins. It has a much stronger flavor than softneck. In addition, there is a beautiful pink variety of garlic called Creole. The bulb referred to...

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  • The Flavors of Greece

    The Flavors of Greece

    As you may know, HausLogic (the parent company of AllSpice) is a family-owned and run company. Working with your family has its risks and rewards. Luckily for us, the rewards far outweigh the challenges. In our meetings, we catch up, not only on what is happening in the company, but how the grandchildren are doing and where our next vacation will be. We love working together and also traveling together. We are all foodies, so travel often centers around meals and seeking out new flavors.  Recently, Max (the designer of the AllSpice rack, and my brother) and I returned from...

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  • Spice Profile: Galangal

    Spice Profile: Galangal

    Spice Profile: Galangal, Alpinia Species Galangal is pronounced as guh-lang-guh, scientific name Alpine Species. It is also known as Laos, Siamese and Thai Ginger Types of Galangal There are two principal types of galangal- Greater and Lesser Galangal. Both are cultivated, but greater galangal has been increasing in favor over lesser galangal. Greater Galangal grows larger and taller than lesser Galangal. What is Galangal? Galangal is a rhizome similar to ginger. It has a gingery lemony flavor and is used extensively throughout Southeast Asia  How Can I Use Galangal? Galangal is used throughout Southeast Asia in curries, stews, sambas, satays, soups and sauces....

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