Freshen your spice rack for spring!


Step 1- Gather all of your spices in one place. Don't forget about bulk bags and spices stored in the refrigerator or freezer

Step 2- Purge any spices that are expired or that you no longer use. Don't feel guilty about throwing things out, it just makes room for new spices!

Step 3- Wipe down your jars, lids and spice rack frame. Use a damp washcloth with a small bit of mild soap for grease.

Step 4- Refill any jars that are low or empty. The AllSpice Spice Funnel will make this quick and easy. 

Step 5- Replace spices in a logical order.Most people alphabetize their spices, but some arrange by use or type of spice. If you like, update to stylish new spice jar labels.

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