In the midst of this international crisis many of us are staying home for the safety of ourselves and our communities. We feel for everyone directly or indirectly affected by the virus and business shut downs. Amazon has shut down all shipments of non-essential goods to their warehouses, but for the time being they are still shipping homewares that are in stock. Please bare with us if orders take longer to arrive or if items are out of stock for short periods. As always, shipping on is free.

With this extra time at home, here are a few ideas of things to do to ward off cabin fever and bring more order to your life:

    1. Cook a creative meal: See what you can make with the ingredients you have in the house and your spice collection to avoid a trip to the chaotic grocery store. Or maybe mix up this great Spiced Cocoa recipe!
    2. Organize your crafts: Art supplies are often a total mess, but with a few bins and AllSpice Household labels, you can make a fun project out of getting your craft tools and supplies organized.
    3. Refresh your pantry: Crises often remind us that a well stocked pantry is a great thing to have and provides some security when things are not available elsewhere. Take some time to go through the cabinets, make sure you have what you need, and use AllSpice Pantry Labels to make sure you can find what you need when you need it.
    4. Wash your AllSpice rack: if you’ve had an AllSpice rack in your kitchen for some time, it probably has more “memories of meals past” than you’d like. Check out our rack cleaning blog post to have it shining like the day you bought it!
Please stay safe and stay inside when you can!