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  • Bay Leaves

    Spice Profile: Bay

    Scientific Name Laurus Nobilis What is Bay? A staple across the mediterranean, Europe and the Americas, Bay leaves are tough, shiny leaves that are added to slow cooked dishes to give a sweet and spicy note similar to eucalyptus. What is the History of Bay? Bay leaves were prized by the Greeks and Romans. The crown of leaves often portrayed on the heads of Greek and Roman scholars was a crown of bay leaves. In fact, the word Baccalaureate means berries of laurel, which refers to the berries grown on the bay leaf tree. How is Bay Grown? There are many varieties...

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  • Asafeotida Powdered

    Spice Profile: Asafetida

    Scientific Name Ferula Species What is Asafetida? Asafetida is used is used essentially only in Indian cooking. It has a strong onion-garlic flavor. It is the resinous gum from a giant fennel called ferula. It is dried and sold as whole tears, whole lumps, crushed tears, or, most popular, ground tears What is the History of Asafetida? Asafatida is native to Iran and Afghanistan. It has been used for more than 2000 years. It was often used in Roman cooking and arrived in India via the Moghul empire. How is Asafetida Grown? Asafetida is a milky sap that is harvested from three species of...

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  • Annatto Seed or Achiote

    Spice Profile: Annatto Seed or Achiote

    Scientific Name Bixa Orellana What is Annatto Seed? Annatto is the seed of a small evergreen tree native to South America. Its most popular use is as a deep orange colorant, but it also imparts an earthy flavor to dishes in Latin America and the Philippines. What is the History of Annatto Seed? The Annatto seed has been in use since pre-Columbian times throughout Latin America. It was primarily used as a colorant for food, fabric and body paint. How is Annatto Seed Grown? Annatto seed is grown on a small evergreen tree called the annatto tree. Annatto is primarily...

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  • Alum

    Spice Profile: Alum

    Scientific Name Ammonium Aluminum Sulfate What is Alum? Alum isn't a spice. It is a family of chemical compounds that contain Aluminum. Alum is sold in the baking and spice sections of grocery stores and is a white powder. What is the History of Alum? The exact history of the alum we use today is difficult to determine because the term Alum has been used for various compounds over the years. However, we know that Alum was being used long before common era. It was mostly used for dying and tanning, but was also used in pottery and as an eastern medicinal...

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  • Allspice tree planted in Florida

    Spice Profile: Allspice

    Scientific Name Pimenta dioica What is Allspice? Just to get the basics out of the way, allspice is a unique spice, and not a blend of several, or all, spices. Allspice has a warm and spicy flavor and aroma reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.   What is the History of Allspice? Allspice is native to the Caribbean and Latin America. It was being used by the indigenous people to flavor chocolate and to preserve meats when European explorers arrived. Allspice became so popular in England that it also goes by the name English Spice.   How is Allspice Grown?...

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