AllSpice Accessory Box


Over $80 value!

The perfect companion to your new AllSpice spice rack! This set of includes all of the customized tools that integrate perfectly with your spice rack as well as replacement parts in case you drop a jar or crack a lid through your years of high-energy cooking. For the complete AllSpice experience, this set is the ticket!


  • Spice Funnel
  • Measuring Spoon (T & t)
  • Measuring Spoon (1/2t & 1/4t)
  • Measuring Scoop (1 Cup)
  • Spice Grinder (fits all AllSpice jars!)
  • Pantry Labels (Full set of 208)
  • Extra Jars [4x]
  • Extra Lids [5x]
  • Custom AllSpice Sticker

Also a great gift for someone who already has an AllSpice rack and could use an upgrade.